Project Overview is an out-of-the-box sportswear e-commerce platform integrated with a SSL certificate, a third party payment gateway and Fan Courier’s self-AWB shipping module. It showcases a clean & elegant design, a responsive custom layout and modern & hip branding. Built on WooCommerce, the e-shop includes variable products with image gallery on single product page, a personalized shop filter for product categories, price and sizes, and last, but not least, the shop supports a full shopping experience with specific functionalities: wishlist, product cart, create account & product review system. This e-commerce platform is an example of a full-service project that was 

developed from scratch, starting with domain acquisition, hosting & DNS set-up, WordPress and Theme installation, up to e-mail addresses creation, back-end management and security. We also provided content writing for shop pages (including client support and order/refund documentation, main pages), creating GDPR compliance texts (Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy), and writing a comprehensive platform manual for the client. We take pride in empowering our clients with knowledge about managing their own shop and making sure they can independently & automatically update existing products and add new ones whenever necessary. We collaborated with Creative Guru (Branding) for this project.


Joko Sport – Online Store for Sportswear


SC Joko Sport Depo SRL

What We Did

UI/UX Design, Responsive Web Design, HTML5/CSS, Secure Gateway Payment, HTTPS protocol, Content Writing, GDPR compliance

A Complete Online Shopping Experience

Secure Transactions & Shipping Module

Custom Variable Products is the perfect example of the full-service project that we can deliver, created from scratch and fully optimized to ensure a perfect shopping experience for any user, regardless of the device used. Fast loading speed, variable products, content creation for shop pages, secure payment gateway and shipping module integration – are just a few of the services we delivered. For a detailed description scroll up or watch our presentation video.