Project Overview is one of the most complex and rewarding projects that we’ve developed in 2017. Although well-known in the industry and deeply rooted on the Romanian marketplace, our client lacked memorable branding and online presence. This is where our team comes in and basically creates a whole new fresh brand image, with a strong communication strategy and a versatile online platform for its end-users and distributors. Our goals were high and we ended up developing this amazingly elegant bilingual platform, that the client finds so easy to manage to this day. We take pride in having been responsible with creating the content, design and functionality of

Considering the platform’s complexity, with having to create a restricted area accessible only to distributors, our approach was to find the right solutions for the best user experience, while ensuring that our client finds the platform truly useful in the long-run. For this purpose, we made it so that, once logged in, distributors would have access to custom prices and offers for the Solo Coffee branded products (coffee pads, espresso machines or accessories), but also to marketing materials and technical/user manuals. The end result incorporated a responsive, fully personalized platform that catered to the needs of end users and distributors alike. Branding by Creative Guru.


Solo Pads РBilingual WordPress platform for end-users & distributors 


SC SOLO CAFFE AUTOMATE SRL –¬†A distributor for professional coffee service products, but also a producer for the Solo coffee pads.

What We Did

UI/UX Design, Responsive Web Design, HTML5 & CSS Development, Copywriting

Industry-Tailored Design

Captivating Brand Storytelling

Custom User Functionalities

Because the Love of Coffee is Universal!

We wanted to create a platform fined-tuned to reflect exactly this: how much knowledge and passion go into producing qualitative products and into delivering high-end services across the board.